Peter N. James
"Author, Speaker, Whistleblower, Spy -- The American"

No principled ex-spy with Peter's background can possibly enjoy his retirement and silently sit by
as corrupt "Deep State" operatives try to illegally take over our country.


Programs (During the Reagan-Bush Presidencies)
"International Espionage and Terrorism"
"How You Can Expose Corruption"
"How the Russians Spy on the United States"
"The Embryo of an American Police State"
(Based on the forthcoming autobiography of the maverick they called "The American")

Some Background on "The American"

Peter N. James is an American author, retired international speaker, expert on U.S. national security affairs, muckraker, whistleblower, and a principled ex-spy. Through his Tweets (privately registered as "Z of USA") and other means, he offers advice and guidance on how to address and expose today's illegal, corrupt, dangerous and anti-American operatives (also known today as the DEEP STATE). There is no way that this ex-spy, who addressed more than a thousand university, Executive Club, and Round Table audiences in 47 states and Canada during and after the Cold War, can enjoy his retirement (and privacy) and remain silent when it is so easy to legally and ethically deal with the corrupt people who are trying to destroy the America he grew up in.

The internet did not publicly exist when I was first approached by the CIA, nor during most of the Cold War. The possibility of doing something in the field of espionage, national security, and government oversight that has not been done before exists TODAY thanks to the Internet.
Peter N. James

Before "retiring", for almost two decades Peter had the "Number One" International Espionage and Terrorism speaker's series in North America with a high rate of return engagements. Professional organizations like the International Platform Association (IPA) designated Peter as a "Winning Speaker" with a 94% "Excellent and Above Average" rating. Similarly,  colleges and universities affiliated with the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) have overwhelmingly rated Peter's speaking engagements in Programming magazine as "Excellent" with numerous positive remarks pertaining to his extended Q&A periods following his main presentations. Sponsors who invited Peter to speak appreciated the fact that he could capture audiences' attentions by both entertaining and delivering important messages without offending members of an audience.  There was no professional speaker in America who enjoyed the Q & A period and interacting with an audience more than Peter N. James and he had the track record to prove it.

Even though he collected intelligence for the CIA and analyzed intelligence for the U.S. Air Force when he was an aerospace systems analyst for a private defense contractor, Peter was the ONLY ex-spy and speaker in America with the above track record who could freely discuss both his personal espionage experiences dealing with our nation's adversaries and issues involving national security affairs, international espionage, terrorism, and the violation of individual rights of American citizens by our own government WITHOUT BEING CENSORED.

Peter, who was known as "The American" by foreign adversaries, had the "perfect cover": He played himself -- everything checked out! For legitimate security reasons, U.S. government "Spooks" and "Analysts" who are employed and paid by our government are kept separated: Spies (spooks) operating overseas are not told what happens to the intelligence that they collect and intelligence analysts in the United States are not allowed to have personal contact with the overseas spies who collected the intelligence that they are required to analyze. Peter did both (he simultaneously collected intelligence for the CIA and analyzed intelligence for the Air Force). As "The American" and a rocket engineer with a scientific and technical background knowledgeable of the U.S. state of the art with regard to rockets, missiles, and defense systems, he knew what to look for, what to do, and which adversaries had information vital to our nation's national security interests. For that reason, Peter instructed the U.S. intelligence community (CIA and Air Force Intelligence) to avoid contacting him overseas so he could serve U.S. national security interests by operating efficiently and independently without being compromised.

Peter remains a principled ex-spy with no political agenda, no advertisers to worry about, and no "people in high places" to protect.  Peter has a track record for positively stimulating both liberals and conservatives who attend his programs. Protecting the American public's right to know has always been high on his priority list, and he does so in a a respectful, responsible, and gentlemanly manner, which is greatly appreciated by readers of his past and present work.

History has a way of dealing with the truth: Well before "911", Peter warned Americans on the speaker's circuit that (a) terrorists would strike an unprepared United States, (b) our government's attempts to reach friendly accommodations with cutthroat dictators like President Hafiz al-Assad of Syria (father of the current Syrian president) would "backfire", and (c) American bureaucrats and institutions were creating a police state. With the declassification of secret documents by the Russian government following the collapse of the Soviet Union, noted historians have confirmed the accuracy of many of Peter's public disclosures that he made decades earlier in his first book (Soviet Conquest From Space -1974)  and then in subsequent speaking engagements.  The examination of declassified Russian documents showed that many of the programs and space systems that Peter described in detail in his book were actually secretly underway in the Soviet Union before his first book was published. They were later canceled by the Kremlin as the Soviet Union collapsed, but it took more than two decades for Western historians to find out.

During the Cold War, Peter met and dealt with hundreds of important Russian officials including some of their top intelligence officers. One of his books, which was published overseas under a pseudonym, showed how America's adversaries spy on the United States. In fact, one of his most popular programs on the lecture circuit was "How the Russians Spy on the United States". Over time, Peter learned how to think like his Russian adversaries, which also explained why his intelligence analysis work prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union was on target. That background is still useful today given recent events in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Cuba, and elsewhere. Like his warnings during the Cold War, Peter unveils what Americans can expect and how the New Cold War, if not dealt with properly, will destabilize the national security and economic interests of the United States, including the economic well being of every American family as well as the freedoms and individual rights of all Americans. In the Kremlin, President Vladimir Putin would call it "Checkmate".

A physics graduate from Case Institute of Technology in Cleveland, Ohio. Peter is shown above during the George W. Bush era in the Excelsior Hotel lounge near the U.S. embassy on the Via Veneto in Roma, Italy. During the Cold War, as a young aerospace and rocket engineer with the Pratt & Whitney Aircraft (PWA), Florida Research and Development Center (FRDC), a division of United Technologies in West Palm Beach, Peter coordinated the firmís foreign technology program with the United States Air Force Foreign Technology Division at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.

Peter's documented secret track record included an 800-page SECRET report that he authored during the Cold War; it was requested by the Executive Office of the President and received high marks throughout U.S. government classified circles. It was the first to document major Soviet rocket and missile developments that were previously unknown by the U.S. government. 

Peter's documented public track record  included two very popular programs on the speaker's circuit: "The Embryo of an American Police State" and "International Espionage and Terrorism". Both timeless speaking programs not only accurately predicted future events as documented by press coverage at that time, but almost half of Peter's programs lasted past midnight with a mix of liberal and conservative audiences respectfully participating in lively question and answer sessions with no questions or answers being "off limits".

The world of intelligence collection: The specific reason why Peter's speaking programs could not be censored is that he never signed a secrecy oath with the clandestine services of the U.S. government even though as a globe-hopping maverick he had developed a close working relationship and assisted upon numerous requests the late chief of the CIA field office in Miami, Justin F. Gleichauf. Peter's intelligence reports to the CIA following his encounters overseas with our country's adversaries often numbered hundreds of pages and broke new ground in the intelligence collection field known as "Human Intelligence" (HUMINT).

The world of intelligence analysis: With regard to the world of intelligence analysis, the aforementioned 800-page SECRET report that Peter authored during the Cold War broke new ground: Peter gave potential decision-makers in government an intelligence analysis that was submitted in a format that was much different than the 30 to 50 page reports normally used and accepted by the U.S. intelligence community: Peter's new format, which was also classified SECRET-NO FOREIGN DISSEMINATION, included objective summaries of pertinent raw intelligence he reviewed, followed by a subjective analysis of the objective summaries. Peter is certain that if the U.S. government had used the above recommended INTERNALLY TRANSPARENT INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS following 911, there is a very high probability that government decision-makers would have "red-flagged" the intelligence assessment that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction in his arsenal; the White House and other government officials would have had the benefit of WHY this conclusion was reached rather than just accepting that it was a "Slam Dunk" conclusion by the "intelligence community". It is a fact that far too many intelligence analysts either do not like to be corrected because it could affect their careers or they use their secret positions to support the beliefs of their superiors or policy makers in Washington. Peter believes that responsible oversight of the U.S. intelligence community begins by improving the oversight of each employee that holds a security clearance. He showed his audiences how this can be done easily and how to force government officials with high level security clearances to "do the right thing" by obeying the law and abiding by the U.S. Constitution whether they like it or not.

As an ex-spy, Peter pulls no punches and in his forthcoming autobiography, he has several chapters dealing with today's espionage, terrorism, national security, corruption, and individual rights issues that some government officials would rather bury permanently while others simply want our government representatives to tell the truth, obey our laws, abide by the U.S. Constitution, and get the job done that Americans are paying them for. Unlike earlier generations, Peter believes that too many of today's self-serving politicians from BOTH political parties, along with many government bureaucrats, federal contractors, and their friends, have controlled, manipulated, distributed, and spent trillions of tax dollars (no longer billions of dollars) taking good care of themselves and their contractual friends and supporters at the expense of the national security interests of the United States, the constitutionally guaranteed individual rights and civil liberties of every American, and the economic well being and stability of the United States and American families.

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Peter N. James is Unavailable for Public Speaking Appearances
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Programs (During the Reagan-Bush Presidencies)
"International Espionage and Terrorism"
"How You Can Expose Corruption"
"The Embryo of an American Police State"

Peter N. James is PRIVATELY Focused on National Security Issues
He is Unavailable for Public Speaking Appearances
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